Below the Belt

Trivia: Real life women wrestlers Penny Banner, Ann Casey, Peggy Patterson, Donna Christanello, Kitty Adams, Joyce Grable, and Lillian Ellison aka The Fabulous Moolah auditioned for the role of Terrible Tommy Dukes before Jane O'Brien was cast.


Trivia: Despite difficulties, Regina Baff actually learned the basics of wrestling pretty well from Jane O'Brien and Mildred Burke who also helped train the other non women wrestlers.


Trivia: Regina Baff was difficult on set. Jane O'Brien who played Terrible Tommy revealed the match was supposed to end in a draw but Regina complained to the producers who forced director Robert Fowler to change it. She also shouted at Fowler more than once during filming.


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Terrible Tommy: "Come on runt. "
Rosa Carlo: "Stop calling me that. "


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