Adventures of Aladdin

Other mistake: The Vizier tosses his knife at the invisible Aladdin and hits him, turning him visible. The mistake here is that the special effect shows appearing from nothing Aladdin holding the lamp as a whole. The lamp should have already been visible, it's the object that gave away his position. (01:18:10)

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Other mistake: The evil Vizier took over Aladdin's palace and teleported it to a nearby hill (he orders so himself to the Genie, "yon mountaintop"). Aladdin and friends are shown as being at the bottom of the "mountain", but somehow, the trip that would take less than an hour takes them the whole night and they walk for endless plains with no castle in sight. (00:49:15)

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Other mistake: Forgetting the fact that the night shoot in front of the cave is obvious day-for-night, since Aladdin does not spend a great amount of time in the cave and the Vizier said they needed to be there "before the moon is full" starting their journey in broad daylight when the market was bustling, it appears quite odd that he'd make his return in plain and full daylight. A whole night can't possibly have passed.

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Revealing mistake: In the middle of the desert banquet scene, sand is lifted off the ground a second before the genie belches. (00:29:40)

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Vizier Maghreb: A Sultan leads and punishes as needed. Only a man can know these things.
Shahzadi: A real man doesn't need a genie to accomplish them!
Vizier Maghreb: Perhaps, but it helps.

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