Adventures of Aladdin

Continuity mistake: When Aladdin deals with the three objects in front of the tic-tac-toe pattern, the ones which have vases on top with arms have a different orientation in every shot. (00:16:45)

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Continuity mistake: After Aladdin meets the 'Sultana' for the first time, with his buddies informing him about what just happened, throughout the whole scene the same extras move with jumpy continuity between shots. Very recognizable the veiled pink girl and a really tall dude in a brown robe, or Aladdin's friend himself at the beginning. (00:09:35)

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Continuity mistake: Aladdin wakes up in the cave after the Vizier shoved him in. Kneeling, he picks up the lamp with his right. "This makes you Sultan?" he asks, with the lamp in his left. (00:22:50)

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Vizier Maghreb: A Sultan leads and punishes as needed. Only a man can know these things.
Shahzadi: A real man doesn't need a genie to accomplish them!
Vizier Maghreb: Perhaps, but it helps.

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