Shaft in Africa

Factual error: The document Shaft checks out when he kills the bus assassin is not a passport, but a driving license. It's also missing the signature, and the name of the city (Sardinia's capital city) is misspelled as Caliari instead of Cagliari; even worse, a scribbled line where the issue date should be. An official document like it's supposed to be generally had all the information typed and not handwritten, but if it were handwritten, it needed to be in block letters, not the way it is in the movie, in longhand and with such awful penmanship. (00:40:35)

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Factual error: Facing the mysterious fighter from Africa in his apartment, Shaft shoots him twice with no results. It is later revealed that he was wearing a bulletproof vest, but it's the overpowered movie kind: the guy doesn't suffer from the impact of the bullet in the slightest. Not just that: there's not a single hole or mark on his white robe in that scene. (00:08:40)

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Audio problem: The slave recruiter in the village shoots Shaft and kills his bodyguard. The Luger gun he is using has a suppressor, but the noise it makes is the noise of a normal, not 'silenced' gun. (00:56:55)

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Jazar: How long is your phallus, Mr. Shaft?
Shaft: My what?
Jazar: Your cock?
Shaft: Baby, by now it shrunk down to 20 inches.

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