Shaft in Africa

Plot hole: The Emir wants to test Shaft's ability to resist the desert, since he'll have to cross it in his trip, and so sets him up for a test; a room filled with sand, burning hot from dozens of lamps on the ceiling, that heat it all up to 110F. And they want him to walk for 8 hours in that room. But Shaft finds another solution; he digs a hole in the sand and lies in it. Which impresses the Emir greatly, so he shuts off the lamps and tells him he passed the test. How in the world digging a shallow bed and lying down in burning hot sand, with his head sticking out fully exposed, is any indication of being able to cross the desert, let alone survive it for 8 hours? He would have gotten a terrible sunburn with his head exposed as his body cooks in a sauna, and he is not an inch closer to getting to the other side of the imaginary desert.

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Audio problem: The slave recruiter in the village shoots Shaft and kills his bodyguard. The Luger gun he is using has a suppressor, but the noise it makes is the noise of a normal, not 'silenced' gun. (00:56:55)

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Jazar: How long is your phallus, Mr. Shaft?
Shaft: My what?
Jazar: Your cock?
Shaft: Baby, by now it shrunk down to 20 inches.

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