Mr. Mike's Mondo Video

Trivia: In this regrettable comedy-filler for NBC Television, writer/director Michael O'Donoghue (of "National Lampoon" and "Saturday Night Live" fame in the mid-1970s) presented a jumbled showcase of tasteless, cruel, stupid and unfunny sketches that managed to stoop lower than low production quality and dubious entertainment value. Even the very liberal NBC considered O'Donoghue's video beneath network standards and it was rejected for broadcast. As an example of the video's dismal offerings, one brief segment featured a deadpan Dan Aykroyd removing his shoes to reveal his real-life genetic deformities: His second and third toes are fused together on both feet. Aykroyd prodded his toes with a screwdriver to prove the deformities were real. NBC was not amused. (00:20:25)

Charles Austin Miller

Mr. Mike: What you are about to see is not for the weak. It is not even for the strong.

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