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The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

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Corrected entry: When Douglas Hall first jacks into Los Angeles, he enters at about 12 noon. He even looks at his watch which reads 12:05 p.m. He then takes a short taxi ride to the bookstore, where he finds the 1937 version of Mr. Fuller. After talking to him for a couple of minutes, Mr. Fuller then looks at his watch and says "Oh, it's getting late. I would like to close up now." Obviously this was a weekday since Douglas started off working in a bank, so ~12:30 p.m. is late?

Correction: Fuller could just want this man out of his shop as he hasn't asked him anything about books or he could have somewhere to be that he doesn't want to tell a stranger.

Corrected entry: The movie takes place in 1937 Los Angles. A billboard in the background of one scene is for Lucky Strike cigarettes, with the red circle trade mark. Before World War Two the circle was green.

Correction: The Lucky Strike logo has always been red, but before WWII the pack was green, i.e. the logo was a red circle on a green background and was changed to a red circle on a white background.

Corrected entry: Maybe this one is nitpicking and I understand why it has been done, but anyway this is what I saw: When Whitney gets killed in the '30's the character he took over in the simulation gets transported to the "real" world. Given that the "real" world is a simulation too, and Douglas gets shot. In the real real world we should see the guy that took over Douglas with the "soul" of Douglas. But we get to see Douglas himself.

Correction: The guy who took over Douglas based the image of him on himself, which is why they look the same.

Corrected entry: The mistake in the film comes at the end of the movie where our main character (Douglas Hall) picks up a newspaper with a date that reads "Monday June 21, 2024". June 21 of 2024 falls on a Friday, not a Monday.

Correction: Since our world is just a simulation, and you can see this newspaper in the "real" world, it is possible that June 21, 2024 is a Monday.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Mr. Fuller writes a letter for Douglas Hall. When he finishes, he writes the name on it in a bold hand style. Later, when he gives the letter to the barman, the name on it is written with completely different, beautiful handwriting. When the barman opens the letter, we see that it now has a different style again.

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Detective McBain: I think I made the age-old mistake: Never trust a beautiful woman.

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