Character mistake: After the shootout at the restaurant, Junior finds one of the perps' cell phone and calls Bennie, exposing her as the one who sent the killers. He even comments in front of Sasha "Got your ass" before telling his dad about it. Later outside the warehouse, Sasha comments "So Bennie is the one who put out of the hit on us at the restaurant." She should already be well aware of that. (01:14:15 - 01:23:20)

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Character mistake: Shaft meets Junior for the first time and mocks him with the offer of bubbly water. Junior says "And as for that wedge of lime, it makes it alkaline, so..." It wouldn't, since lime juice is rather acidic. (00:23:10)

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Other mistake: During the restaurant shoot out between Jr and the bad guys, he takes Sasha's weapon (Kel-Tec P-3AT) and opens fire on the bad guys. The Kel-Tec P-3AT is chambered in .380 and holds 6+1 rounds. During the firefight, Jr fires 9 times. We also see the bottom of a spent casing and it shows .22. (01:12:00 - 01:13:00)

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John Shaft Jr.: You can't beat up a woman.
John Shaft II: Why not?
John Shaft Jr.: Because she's a woman! That's like, misogynistic.
John Shaft II: You're the one being misogynistic, I never even mentioned her gender! I'm an equal-opportunity ass-whooper.

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Trivia: Richard Roundtree is just six years older than Samuel L. Jackson, despite them playing father and son.

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