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Corrected entry: At one point Louise refers to Geraldo Rivera's talk show. The movie is set in the 60's. Geraldo's talk show wasn't introduced until 1987 and he was an unknown figure before 1970.

Correction: It's set in 1990, not the 60s.

Correction: Only the car they drive is the 1960s. Everything else shows 1990.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Thelma calls Darryl and finds out that he knows, she doesn't actually dial any numbers except 1 and 2.

Correction: Thelma is not dialing a rotary phone. Thelma is using a push-button phone and she punches numbers other than 1 and 2. Thelma first punches 11 times and then drops in coins whereas when Louise calls, she drops in the coins first and then punches the 11 digits.

Correction: How can something that was reported in every newspaper (and on every television news programme) in the world possibly be 'trivia'?

Corrected entry: When Louise speeds through between two police cars the side mirror of one of them flies off. When the police car is shown again the mirror is back in place. (01:53:10)


Correction: The side mirror is from the women's car, not the cop car.

Correction: If you mean from when she entered the bar and went to the parking lot, then of course her curls are going to get straggly and worn out. She's been dancing all night with a guy who's been all over her, and she's sweaty.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: It's not clear how Thelma and Louse meet J.D again to eventually give him a ride. Since afterwards they carry on in the same direction it seems that they met him on their way, but then he must have picked another ride and overtaken them, for which there is no evidence. On the other hand, before and after they picked him up there are two shots where they pass the same stretch of road with narrow telegraph poles and a red sign on the right in opposite directions, which means they did go back, but we never see them turning around. (00:44:55 - 00:47:40)


Correction: They didn't go back. In a deleted scene on the DVD, it shows that he did get a ride from some bikers that ended passing Thelma and Louise. Even though it's not shown, one would imagine that he had to have gotten a ride from someone else in order to be ahead of Thelma and Louise.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: The gas tanker explodes into a ball of flame after being struck with a .38 Spl caliber bullet. A bullet of this caliber especially fired from a snub-nosed revolver would most likely not even have penetrated the tank. If by some chance it did, it would result in only a small leak which even if ignited would take considerable time to cause the tank to explode.

Correction: The tanker was being shot by two different type of guns. If one didn't penetrate the tank, the other could have.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: There is a time problem in the first part of the movie. Thelma and Louise get to the Silver Bullet bar just as it is getting dark, which at the latest could have been at 9 p.m., if the movie was set in summertime. The events happening inside the bar are all shown in real time, and no more than 10-20 minutes later Harland gets shot and the women speed away. Then they stop by the side of the road, change drivers, and stop at a diner where Louise calls Darryl - which we later learn was at 4 a.m. That's a 7-hour stretch to do only those things.

Correction: The events in the bar are not in real time. We see Thelma and Harland dancing to several different songs, a purposeful indicator of time passing. Thelma also ends up getting plastered, which would have been difficult to do in just a few minutes. And finally, Louise later says that no one will belive Harlan tried to rape Thelma, because everyone saw her hanging on him all night. It's safe to assume they were at the bar for several hours.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Thelma calls Darryl when the phone is tapped and the living room is packed with police, she dials first and inserts money second. Then she hangs up and Louise calls again, and she now inserts money first and dials second. (01:23:35)


Correction: What's the mistake? It is possible to dial before inserting the money. Just because she didn't dial first both times doesn't mean that the calls shouldn't have gone through.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: After Thelma & Louise leave the Nevada cop in the trunk, Thelma gets in the driver's side but when they're going down the dirt road afterwards, Louise is driving.

Correction: We don't know how long they have been driving in between, thus it's well possible that Louise took over.


Corrected entry: When Harvey Keitel shows up to talk to Thelma's husband, it is raining, but only on the foreground stretch of road. If you watch the cars, you can see them pass from a sunny area into the part of the road under the rain machines.


Correction: It is raining in the sunny area as well - you can see the water splashing off of the cars' roofs. Sunshine and rain at the same time is not unusual - it is just a shower.


Corrected entry: When Thelma and Louise first start out Thelma puts a load of suitcases and stuff into the back of the car .After they run from the country bar after the shooting it's all gone. Where did it go?

Correction: All their luggage is in the boot. The only thing ever visible on the back seat is the fishing rod. You can't see it when they leave the bar, but it could have been moved when they put the root up.


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Louise: Tell him you're having a wonderful time and you'll be home tomorrow night.
Thelma: Will I be?
Louise: I don't know. I won't.

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Trivia: Struggling actor George Clooney auditioned five times for the part of JD before it went to another unknown actor (Pitt).

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Question: Can anyone tell me what film the policemen are watching when they are in Thelma's husband's apartment and he wants to switch to the sports-game?

Answer: It's the 1941 film "Penny Serenade".

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