Djinn (2013)

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Continuity mistake: By the end of the film, we realise that the Djinn (in this case an invisible and shape-shifting earthly entity of Islamic lore) has staged most of the film's events as a mass illusion. Meaning, the Djinn is a deceiver and can lead humans into dangerous and even deadly situations, but the Djinn cannot perform physical miracles (or else the whole movie would end almost as soon as it started). At the story's climax, the lead characters, Khalid and Salama, end up in the 62nd-floor penthouse of a luxury high-rise, where Khalid drops Salama to her death from the penthouse balcony, just as the vengeful Djinn intended. However, only minutes earlier, we see that the high-rise building is actually still under construction, and it's stated that the building is months away from completion (its main entrance and plate glass have not even been installed). The Djinn only created the illusion that the building was completed to deceive the lead characters. In reality, without electricity and functioning elevators and hundreds of feet of completed stairwells, there was no physical way for Khalid and Salama to reach the 62nd-floor penthouse suite of the high-rise for the climax scene, even if they were being deceived by illusion.

Charles Austin Miller

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