A Dog's Journey

A Dog's Journey (2019)

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Continuity mistake: In A Dog's Purpose, Hannah has a daughter and a young grandson. In A Dog's Journey, the daughter and grandson no longer exist and have been replaced by a son who has died, leaving behind a widow and a much younger granddaughter.


Continuity mistake: Before Hanna says goodbye to Ethan when they are old, she has a glass of lemonade but in the next shot the glass is gone.


Continuity mistake: While Ethan is saying goodbye to Bailey the sun changes between shots.


Question: After CJ went to the party with Shane, the police arrest CJ and let the others get away. It's kind of ridiculous. Why would they catch her only?

Bunch Son

Answer: Just because they only caught her doesn't mean that they didn't get anyone else. She was there at the party so she may have been able to tell the police who all was there that night or give descriptions of people.

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