Vampire Hunter D
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Doris: I'd rather bite my tongue off and bleed to death.

Rei Ginsei: I am Rei Ginsei, vampire hunter and killing men like you is my greatest pleasure. Prepare to die.

D's Left Hand, Narration: Be honest with yourself. Do you think that your high and mighty code of honour kept you from responding to a young girls desire. Ha! And you have the nerve to call yourself a dampiel and claimed that your father is non-other than.
D: That enough.
D's Left Hand, Narration: So, hit a nerve, did I?

D: Go back to the castle and tell Count Lee, visitors from the past shall return to the darkness once they came.
Lamika: What do you mean visitors from the past?

Count Magnus Lee: What a wonderful night this has been! For the first time in one hundred years I haven't been bored once.

Trivia: The evil count is named "Magnus Lee." His surname is nod to famed actor Christopher Lee, who portrayed Dracula in a number of horror films.

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