The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training
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Tanner Boyle: Jews, Spics, Ni**ers and a Wop that throws airballs.

Carmen Ronzonni: By way of introduction, I'm what you call your basic versatile ball-thrower.

Mike Leak: LET them play! LET them play! LET them play.

Jose Agilar: Four dollars, for both of us.

Mike Engelberg: Hey Kelly can we make another stop?
Kelly Leak: Engelberg can't you just.
Mike Engelberg: Look it happens I can't control things like this.

Mike Engelberg: Couldn't you throw it a little harder please? They're hitting every one you throw.

Continuity mistake: When Manning first writes the word "assume" on the blackboard, it is written down towards the left center of the board. Then later in the scene, the word switches position to the upper left part of the board, then eventually back to the left center again.

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