New this week Factual error: During a flashback to explain his disability, a young Mr. Glass is seen being flung right and left on a Tilt A Whirl, crushing his fragile bones. In reality, a Tilt A Whirl keeps you in place through centrifugal force. A more accurate depiction of side to side chaos would be on a Troika or Scrambler ride, which is what I think the director meant to show instead.

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New this week Suggested correction: This is absolutely not true. Because each car spins independently of the main "disc", you can absolutely be tossed from side to side. Having been on this ride many, many times, I can vouch for that.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

New this month Continuity mistake: After the beast and David break the window and fall down they do so beside each other, but when they hit the ground they are separated by several feet.


New this month Continuity mistake: When Elijah first goes into Kevin's room, there are a pair of shoes under the foot of his bed. These shoes disappear when the shot cuts back and forth from Elijah and Kevin.

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