Taxi Driver

Corrected entry: In the scene where the gun dealer is showing handguns to Travis, the dealer shows off a gun he says is a Walther PPK, but in fact is a Bersa Thunder, which has a differently shaped trigger-guard.

Correction: Character mistake.

Corrected entry: After Travis shoots Sport, he walks over and sits on the left side of the stairway. Then in the next shot, you see him walking up the stairs from the right side.

Correction: The stairway to a building that he sits on is not the same building that he walks into. You can tell by the front door of the buildings. The first building has the number 208 on the glass. The building that he walks into, doesn't have any numbers.

Corrected entry: The back window of the taxi gets broken out, then reappears unbroken when driving back to the taxi cab station.

Correction: The back window is not broken. Whatever liquid was in one of the bottles explodes out onto the window.

Corrected entry: In the brothel shoot-out at the end, Travis gets shot in the neck and has a pretty nasty wound - but when we see him a few days/weeks later there's no sign (scab or scar etc.) of the bullet wound on the left hand side of his neck.

Correction: There is a visible scar on the left side of Travis's neck. You can see it in all of the ending scenes (when he's talking to his fellow taxi drivers and when he's driving).

Corrected entry: At one point when Travis is in his room doing what he does he rips the arm off his white shirt. A minute later, the sleeve is back on.

Correction: We can assume that the shirt Travis has on at the end of the scene is a new, different shirt than the one that he cut the sleeve off. The cut shirt is for his plan against the Senator.

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Corrected entry: When Robert DeNiro attempts to kill the senator, it is June according to his diary entry, and he has a mohawk. He still has the mohawk later on at the hotel shoot out. In the last scene of the movie his hair is fully grown in. In the conversation with Cybil Shepard we learned the senator received the nomination for president.That had to take place at the party's convention no later than August in the same year.

Correction: Just because Palantine was nominated in August doesn't mean that this scene takes place in August. Bickle hasn't seen Betsy since he was shot. It could be several months later.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the man has DeNiro pull over to the curb and says he is going to kill his wife with a .44 gun, there is a close up of the meter clicking over to $2.75. In the next shot from the backseat, the meter reads $0.65.

Correction: The reason for that is because after Travis stopped the car, he turned off the meter. Then Scorcese's character asks what he's doing, and to put the meter back on. The $.65 indicates "$.65 first 1/6 mile" as clearly painted on the cab.

Corrected entry: There is a scene in a diner where De Niro is talking to Jodie Foster. Jodie's glasses change from pink to green (or vice versa) and are a totally different style.

Correction: They are not supposed to be the same pair of glasses, you see her take them out of her bag when she's finished talking to De Niro, her other (green) pair are still on the table she obviously has various pairs in her bag.

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