Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

Continuity mistake: Cereza takes a bath. She does not have glasses in the bath tub. Thrice during this two minute period, the film shows her glasses to be in the hotel room, on her bed, along with her dress. And yet, when Cereza comes back to the room, she has glasses on. (00:38:00 - 00:40:00)


Plot hole: Luka sneaks into Bayonetta's hotel room and plants a hidden microphone. While sneaking out, he is caught. That's when he is astonished to find a child with Bayonetta who calls her "mummy." He does eventually escape the room and sits in corner with his radio, surprised that they both went to bed and he receives nothing. The problem is: One must be an idiot to plant a mic in a lone woman's hotel room in the dead of the night, unless he truly enjoys listening to her snoring! Planting the mic in her apartment or office, or on her mobile phone makes a lot more sense.

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Trivia: This film was first made in Japanese, then dubbed to English. A significant change in the dubbing was the addition of profanity to Luka's speech.

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