Girl Shy

Corrected entry: Harold Lloyd has written a manuscript for a book and is traveling by train to take the manuscript to a publisher. Jobyna Ralston, sitting next to him, grabs the manuscript and holds it in front of her. She is wearing gloves but in the close-up of the manuscript in her hands, her hands are bare. (00:24:00)

Steven Lee

Correction: Please rewatch the scene. In the closeup of Mary holding the wrapped manuscript she is indeed wearing gloves. Note the wrinkled material and the seams, as well as her covered thumbnails.

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I froze that scene and carefully studied it and it appeared that Ralston's hands were bare. Her thumbnails were visible. I shall look at it again. In addition, the background of that close-up is completely blank. Ralston's clothing and the interior of the train are nowhere to be seen.

I took a screenshot of the closeup which shows the gloves, but can't share it. I agree about the background problem in this closeup, there's nothing behind the manuscript being held up. The same thing happens in all the closeups of the manuscript when it's being held, because it was shot against a solid blank background. Submit this, since it's a valid mistake.

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Revealing mistake: When Harold jumps onto the rear of the fire truck, the cable attached to him at his chest can be seen during the stunt. (01:06:25)

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Publishing Office Girl: I'd love to meet the sheik that wrote that stuff.

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