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Corrected entry: The Penguins are the 'Home' team for game 7 of the Cup, but they are wearing their 'Away' uniforms. In the NHL, 'Home' uniforms are dark colored whereas 'Away' uniforms are light or white colored.

Correction: In 1995, home jerseys were the white or light colored jersey, away were the dark colored jersey. So this is actually not a mistake. It was changed in 2003 to away being white because home teams would often want to wear their third jersey which is often dark, so away teams switched to white so that they didn't have to bring both in the road.

Corrected entry: Agent Hallmark makes two appearances after he has already been killed. One minute after the game has been sent into sudden death, we see Hallmark standing outside the stadium, and we see him again near the end when people are running out of the stadium - having already been killed.


Correction: There were 2 black cops. Not 1. You saw the other cop.


Corrected entry: The broadcasters in this movie mention that the game is a sell out, but on certain shots from the broadcast booth, we can see a completely empty balcony in the background.

Correction: "Sell out" simply means that every single seat was sold. It is possible that the owners of the balcony (if that balcony is open for sale) didn't show up.

Corrected entry: When Jean-Claude Van Damme is fighting a guy in the kitchen, at one point he tries to push the guy's face into a vat of frying chips. Why would the chips still be frying if the kitchen had been shut down?

Correction: The only reason the kitchen was "shut down" was because of the arrival of the terrorists. The staff left in a hurry and hence didn't shut everything off.

Plot hole: It seems that an awful lot of time and effort was taken in planning this caper, what with all the bombs planted throughout the arena and all, but the terrorist were pulling this during game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. What if the series ended at game six in Chicago?

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Vice President: You have no idea of the complexity.
Joshua Foss: I had an idea, I had this idea, and we are gonna make it work or we're gonna die trying. You will call the President, and on flash precedence priority, he will call the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury. Then banks will be notified, and the money will begin to move. Or it won't. And if it doesn't, when the game ends, everyone in this box and in this arena will die by explosion, fire and panic.

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Trivia: At the time of the movie's release, nearly all the players from the Pitsburgh Penguins depicted in the film (Luc Robitaille, Ulf Samelsson, Greg Hawgood, etc), were no longer with the Penguins. They were all either traded, went free agent or released.

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