Sudden Death

Continuity mistake: Jean Claude Van Damme has just killed a terrorist in the hallway of the sports complex. He drags his body into an elevator to hide the body. The "terrorist" is far too tall and lifts his head out of the way to fit into the elevator. Can be seen just as the doors are closing. Very easy to spot.

Continuity mistake: At one point in the game, the Pens' goalie, Tolliver, is thrown out. But later in the game, the subsequent shots of the Pens' goalie we see is still Tolliver.

Continuity mistake: When Van Damme is talking to his son, telling him to stay in his seat and look after his sister for a while, in the background you can see the action on the ice is by the far left goal, yet in the next shot showing Van Damme walking up the stairs, you can see in the background the action has instantaneously switched to the other end of the ice.

Continuity mistake: In the last game of the Cup finals Luc Robitalle is on a break away. There is an aerial shot of the ice, showing clearly that Robitalle is the only one on the offensive half of the ice...a true break away if there every was one! Then, there is an ice-level shot, and somehow there are two defencemen that Robitalle has to beat to score.

Continuity mistake: In order to purposely receive a 'game misconduct' penalty, Van Damme hits a Chicago Blackhawk. Immediately after the hit, a second Blackhawk is seen quickly skating to his checked team mate's aid. However in the very next shot showing Van Damme standing over the downed Blackhawk, the second Blackhawk never appears.

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