The Quatermass Experiment

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Trivia: In this live BBC remake of the 1955 film, Jason Flemyng starred as Bernard Quatermass, and David Tennant starred as Gordon Briscoe. During rehearsals, the cast and crew learned that Tennant had been selected for the coveted role of the upcoming Tenth Doctor Who (the public would not learn of Tennant's official Doctor Who selection until weeks after the Quatermass broadcast). During the live television performance of "The Quatermass Experiment," when Jason Flemyng and David Tennant first share dialogue, Flemyng was supposed to deliver the scripted greeting: "Good to have you back, Gordon!" However, Flemyng ad-libbed: "Good to have you back, Doctor!" This was a deliberate inside-congratulation to David Tennant for winning the Doctor Who role.

Charles Austin Miller

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