Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Continuity mistake: In the bike chase, Ethan has side mirrors in all but one scene where he is surrounded by police coming from all corners. The bike's mirrors are missing then. (00:59:10)

Continuity mistake: During the getaway in the 4-door olive-green BMW, in one shot, the driver's headrest is bent forward; in the next shot, it is shown back in the straight-up position.

Continuity mistake: The scenes in London show the Thames river at low tide in some shots and at high tide in others.


Continuity mistake: During the first chase in Paris, the streets are dry, then suddenly wet.

Continuity mistake: When Hunt and Walker extract Lane from an armoured convoy by alternate means, right after they push the truck containing Lane into the water, one of the police in the convoy tries to shoot Hunt and Walker, leaving 3 bullet holes in the front windshield of the truck. Afterwards, the bullet holes keep disappearing and reappearing when Hunt and Walker escape with the truck across Paris. The most obvious occurrence when the bullet holes disappear is when Hunt and Walker kick the front windshield of the truck to flee with a motorcycle after it gets stuck between buildings.

Continuity mistake: When Ethan is chasing Walker up the brick tower, the hatch to the roof is in the middle of the tower when seen from the inside. However, in the exterior shot, we see that there is no hatch where Ethan is pretending to be exiting. Later we see the exit to the roof is on the side of the building.


Continuity mistake: The amount of blood on Hunt's face changes during the last fight against Walker.


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