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I saw this in theaters.

There is a reason they are calling this the best action film of the year. Mission Impossible Fall Out puts everything on the table and shines bright like a fake out nuclear blast. Tom Cruse is finally starting to show his age now and it actually adds to the effect of the impossibility of the situations his character keeps finding a way out of.
And it kept me guessing. It's very rare for a movie to surprise me these days, as I've seen so many in the last 28 years. Some of the twists were obvious, like the identity of the villain. But other things really had me going "OH shit! that just happened!" Or turning to the girl I was on a date with in the theater and saying "Wow, I actually didn't see that coming."
That's just rare these days as movies become more and more predictable. Even in the Mission Impossible series.
This is a great film, though I think Mission Impossible 2 is still my favorite of the flicks.

I also was slightly disappointing in the potential that this film could have done. This is Mission Impossible 6... Or MI6. And with Daniel Craig having wrapped up his stent as James Bond, I felt that this movie missed a huge opportunity. To be a Mission Impossible and James Bond cross over. Hell, the film even has a large portion take place in England and the agency MI6 is involved... Having Ethan Hunt and James Bond working together or against each other is the stuff of 90's kids action movie fan wet dreams. It could have been Craig's final performance as Bond, or a segway to introduce the new actor as Bond for the continuing series. But oh well, what's done is done. Maybe some day we can get an MI and 007 cross over...
I always have my fan fiction I've written that's a cross over of James Bond, Ethan Hunt and Jason Bourne.

Mistake Status: Was too into the film at theaters to really look. I do plan to go through the whole series for mistakes in the future.

Quantom X Premium member

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is the best movie in the Mission: Impossible franchise, and perhaps one of the best action movies ever made. The action and stunts are some of the best I have ever seen, they felt real, if not immersive. The movie earns its tense moments and heartfelt moments through a top notch storyline, characters and staggering production values. Truly a movie that gripped me from the opening scene to the last.

Casual Person

Other mistake: When Benji takes off the Wolf Blitzer mask, he continues to talk with the anchorman's voice until he takes off the voice altering tape too, but when Walker realises that he is not talking to Solomon Lane and proceeds to rip off the mask, Benji talks with his own voice without taking off the tape.

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Benji Dunn: This is a bad idea.
Luther Stickell: Is it ever a good one, honestly?

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Trivia: The voice heard during the initial mission briefing is that of director Christopher McQuarrie.


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Question: When they are in Paris trying to get Solomon Lane, shouldn't the signs on the police cars have been in French, not English?

Answer: They are in France. The French word for police is "police."

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