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This movie was surprisingly good. We all know how giant monster movies tend to go and this did have a lot of the same style tropes. But it had great acting, decent effects and a gripping enough story to keep you vested. It's not a great move, but it's not bad either. A good popcorn flick to keep you entertained.

Quantom X

I was pretty disappointed with Rampage. I went into this movie expecting a fun action movie with big creatures fighting, unfortunately, I found the plot mediocre, the first two acts were mostly boring and the third act only had a few fun moments, and I found most of the characters forgettable, even Dwayne Johnson. The only characters I found myself interested in were Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as I found his character enjoyably over the top, and the brother CEO character, as he had some funny moments, but that is really it. Overall, I found Rampage pretty bland and generic.

Casual Person

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Harvey Russell: Like my grandpappy always said: us assholes gotta stick together.



Davis tells Kate to go and she jumps out of the falling plane, her chute opening. Davis then takes a minute to free Harvey from the plane as it's still falling before they both get out. Once they are free falling he takes a few seconds before he pulls their chutes as well. However as they are coming down close to the plane crash site, Kate is near level with them in altitude as they are all coming down together. With how high she was when she jumped out compared to the time it took for Davis and Harvey to get out of the plane and open their chutes, she would have been several minutes behind them in the sky, not right next to them.



When the Wydens are arguing about the loss or not loss of Project Rampage, she tells him to stop overreacting. As he's responding, you can see an arcade machine of the Rampage video game behind him.