I, Tonya

Factual error: The "Incident" took place at Cobo Arena in Detroit, MI. Not only are the seats the wrong color (blue, instead of red), Cobo Arena was located directly on the bank of the Detroit River, not in a pleasantly wooded suburban location.


Factual error: In the 1991 US championships, when Harding lands the first triple axel by an American, in reality she got a 6.0 from Judge Roger Glenn, but in the movie, the scores are all 5.9.


Factual error: During her performance in Albertville Olympics, when her skates are shown closely, it's clear that she is skating on Edea Ice Fly with simply coloured brown, distinctive to the model, silver heel. The rest of the model is impossible to mix with other skates. The model was not yet invented in 1992. (00:43:20)


Factual error: When Tonya is walking through the kitchen at her job at Spud City, she complains that someone took her smokes and walks by an appliance to her left. The design style of the appliance did not exist in the early 1990s.

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