Easter egg: On the set up menu, highlight "Francais" from the subtitles and press your Left button. Ferdinand's nose will be selected. Press again to see Ferdinand fart from his nose. On the sneak peek page, highlight some few options. Press your right button to highlight something that looks like Ferdinand. Click on it for an animation of Ferdinand walking in and out. You will see a trailer of Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip and Alpha and Omega also Rat Race.

Plot hole: How does the little girl Nina know Ferdinand's name if only the animals can communicate with each other? They're all calling him Ferdinand before she "names" him that.

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Lupe: Holy Beefaroni! You're ginormous.

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Question: Why would the owners of Casa de Toros just give the bulls away at the end? It's a nice thought that the bulls could just run free at Ferdinand's home on the hills, but I'm sure the trainers would have been asking for a pretty big monetary exchange.

Answer: There could be any number of reasons. The owners may have felt that just letting the bulls go was the morally right thing to do without profiting from it.

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