Black Panther

Corrected entry: At the start in 1984 King T'Chaka visits his brother N'Jobu in the US. As he enters the apartment he asks who the other guy is and tells him to leave but N'Jobu says he can be trusted. However, T'Chaka both already knew it was his spy Zuri and that N'Jobu had betrayed Wakanda so there was no reason for the act of telling him to leave as he was supposed to be in the room to reveal his identity to N'Jubo. He could have just ignored him instead. Zuri also could have just let the Dora Milaje in himself and dropped the act immediately.


Correction: Firstly, the scene takes place in 1992, not 1984. Secondly, whatever decision King T'Chaka and Zuri made to confront N'Jobu is their own. It doesn't make it a mistake that you think they should have approached it differently. Perhaps T'Chaka wanted to give his brother a chance to come clean without revealing that Zuri was a spy. He may have decided to be more lenient in his punishment of N'Jobu had he told the truth.

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