The Spy Who Loved Me

Trivia: Robert Brown (Admiral Hargreaves) would later replace Bernard Lee in the role of "M" from "Octopussy" to "Licence to Kill".

Trivia: Actor Jeremy Bulloch seen at the start playing chess and later killed in the battle on the oil tanker also appeared in several Bond films after as Smithers, one of Q's technicians. He also played Boba Fett in the original Star Wars movies.

Trivia: Whatever other qualities movie props have, durability and quality is not among them. If you look closely as Triple X jumps into Bonds arms inside the escape capsule, you can see that the dye of her costume wasn't exactly washer-dryer-proof.

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Trivia: When Q delivers the Lotus to Bond and Anya, Anya greets him with "Good morning, Major Boothroyd." This is the only time in the films that Q's name is given. (His name in the novels is Major Geoffrey Boothroyd.).

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Revealing mistake: The shot of the two nuclear missiles being launched is used twice, just reversed. They seem to have changed the saturation slightly in one of them to make it look different, but there are identical clouds at the top left/top right in both shots, ruining the trick.

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James Bond: Which bullet has my name on it? The first or the last?
Major Anya Amasova: I have never failed on a mission, Commander. Any mission.
James Bond: In that case, Major, one of us is bound to end up gravely disappointed, because neither have I.

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