Splash (1984)

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Continuity mistake: Allen arrives to the market dancing and juggling potatoes. Behind Freddie there's a man scratching his nose. In the next shot his hand is down and he is raising it to scratch his nose again.

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Continuity mistake: When Freddie, as a kid, is in the boat throwing the coins, a man in the background on the left side appears several meters to the right in the next shot. The second time he throws the coins, a guy next to the flag disappears between shots.

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Continuity mistake: Before Allen asks his secretary if anybody called, she holds a yellow paper at chest level. Half a second later, when the angle changes, the paper is down and she is raising it again.

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Continuity mistake: When Allen is fighting with Kornbluth at the dentist, the position of the large lamp in the background changes between shots.

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Continuity mistake: At the wedding, Freddie throws coins on the floor and Allen scolds him. The position of the kids and adults behind keeps changing drastically between shots.

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Continuity mistake: The position of the dentist's tools on the tray changes between angles.

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Walter Kornbluth: I was right! Behold the mermaid.

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Trivia: The angry customer who is screaming to Allen about his cherries is director Ron Howard's real-life father, Rance.

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Question: In the special features on the DVD, there was a deleted scene in which Madison met a sea hag. Had this scene been in the movie, what would have transpired between the two?

Answer: The sea hag gives Madison a set of instructions she has to carry out, and tells her that she can only survive out of the ocean for six days. She also tells her she has to wet her tail every day, which is why Madison is seen in the bathtub.

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That's why she took a bath that night and got her legs wet turning them into fins.

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