Corrected entry: The scars on the back of Logan are inclined, but the saws in the beginning were arranged horizontally. (00:47:00)


Correction: Logan is seen struggling and wriggling about, which is totally understandable. Hence, the cuts on his back aren't perfectly straight, and are at different angles - he was moving the entire time.


Corrected entry: During the final scene with the laser collar traps, we can see that there are seven lasers attached to the collar (as per the bottom-up view of the beams burning through the ceiling above Halloran.) However, when the trap goes off, it makes eight cuts (as per the top-down view of Halloran's former head).

Logic Johnson

Correction: The cuts all line up perfectly, so one could assume that the "extra slice" on the back of his head is from the laser in the front, as the slices on the front and back line up. It just depends on how strong the laser-cutters are. As indicated earlier in the film, they are strong enough to slice through metal quickly and with ease, so it could be assumed that they would go through flesh and bone like butter. (You also gotta remember, the bone in the skull is actually pretty thin for the most part).


Corrected entry: When Mitch is getting the tape for Ryan when his leg is trapped, we see the wires get tighter and snap the rake handle when touched slightly. As Mitch is bringing the player up from in the wires, he touches a couple of the wires but there is no reaction from the mechanism. (00:27:30)

Ssiscool Premium member

Correction: The implication seems to be that it was a one-time booby-trap where the first person (or thing) that reached down for the tape-player would get snapped-up by the wires. Hence, it only goes off once. (Like a bear-trap or a mouse-trap... it can only go off once before it needs to be reset.) Furthermore, the tape-player itself seems to be sitting on some sort-of pressure or weight-based sensor, which is likely what tripped the booby-trap and made the wires snap the first time when the player was touched by the rake. Not touching the wires themselves.

Corrected entry: The victims get stuck inside the grain storage silo, and get buried. Immediately after Ryan pulls the lever we see a shot of the trapdoor opening inwards. However, just after that the shot changes and shows the door opening outwards.

Correction: It is a different door.


Corrected entry: In Carly's flashback, the woman she robs is deprived of her asthma inhaler, and it is implied that she dies because of it. However, the blue casing indicates it is Albuterol, a low-level prescription rescue inhaler. The woman would be very uncomfortable and short of breath without it, but she would not die from it. If her asthma was so severe that running after someone could quickly kill her, she would have had much more elaborate breathing equipment and medication.

Correction: This is nonsense, if I was to run I would have an asthma attack so severe I would probably die with out my inhaler, all I have is a blue albuterol inhaler just like in the movie.

Corrected entry: During the opening trap, at one point Mitch whips his chain up, catching it on one of the buzz-saws. This results in a massive spark and Mitch being yanked forward violently, making him tumble to the floor. Looks cool, but it makes no sense. Nothing about the chain striking the buzz-saw blade and causing a spark should have yanked him forward or made him fall. We know the chain didn't get caught or pulled by the saw, because it looks perfectly normal in the next few shots.

Correction: The purpose of the trap is to draw blood. Since Jigsaw was watching this whole thing go down, he may have deemed striking the saw with the chain as cheating and punished Mitch by remotely triggering him to be yanked forward as a warning to not try it again.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: Jigsaw is apparently omniscient - he was able to correctly identify all the sins of his victims even though he couldn't possibly have been there when they occurred.

Correction: As we have seen throughout the franchise, Jigsaw has several servants who prepare traps for him and such (known as "Pigheads"). They would have been present at the time.

I don't know about this; Carly, for example, stole a purse with $3.53 in it. There is no way even the Pigheads would know that amount or be able to connect it to the death of the woman she robbed. In addition, if they were there to witness that specific crime, they easily could've saved the woman too.

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