Killing Gunther

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I own this on DVD.

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the world's best hitman, Gunther. He's world famous but nobody knows who he really is.
Well this other group of people get the idea to be the ones to kill Gunther, so that they can be famous for being the hitmen that killed the world's best hitman. But nobody would believe them without evidence... so they decide to film the whole thing.
The movie is a mockumentary about this group trying to set up traps and situations to trap Gunther and take him out while getting it all on camera.
However things don't go according to plan as Gunther seems to be 3 steps ahead of them every time and tears their plans to shreds! It becomes a hilarious action comedy of a game of cat and mouse... where the mouse is the cat's worst nightmare!

Honestly I think for a low budget film like this, it's great. The jokes are funny, the characters work well and it's just a very well put together film for what it is. And I swear, the creators had to be fans of CinemaSins as some of the jokes are almost direct references to things he points out. Like the line about the "Zoom and enhance cliche" was priceless.
The acting is pretty good, the special effects look great, the humor is on point, and Arnold is as hammy and funny as ever.
The only down side is that Arnold himself actually doesn't have much screen time. He's sort of the mysterious figure in the shadows for the first two thirds of the movie till he finally reveals himself. And the twist at the end is great! Fits him perfectly.
Hell both twists...

And the movie actually manages to be a bit unpredictable, which is a very big breath of fresh air.

My Two Scraps Review

Mistake Status: Not yet searched when rented. I just bought the DVD so may go back into it in the future for mistakes.

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[Helicopter taking off.]
Blake: [Yelling] No! He got to the chopper!


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Trivia: When Gunther (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is talking about how he became the best, he says "how do you think I learned how to ram my fist into someone's stomach and to break their goddamn spine?" This is from Schwarzenegger's quote in "The Running Man." Gunther goes on to say "he's been doing this for almost 50 years. Schwarzenegger's acting career started in 1970, almost 50 years ago from the time the film was made.


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