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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, they are leaving High School for summer break. However, all of the kids are 13. (For instance, Stan is having his Bar Mitzvah, and Ben notes later on that he will be 40 the next time IT comes around.) However, most kids start High School when they are 14 or 15. That all the kids are 13 at the end of High School is a glaring mistake, or they are all advanced, which I doubt, as Eddie does not know the difference between "placebo" and "gazebo."

New this month Correction: Some Public Schools work as both Middle and High Schools, and in some cases even elementary. The public school around the corner from my house held students in grades 6-12 until it was closed a year or two ago.

Corrected entry: When the postcard gets splattered with blood, she never cleans it off. When the kids are cleaning the bathroom, the kid who gave it to her goes in her room and sees it. No blood on the postcard. He would be able to see the blood because he is a child. When her dad shows her the card before she kills him, it has blood on it from her point of view.

Correction: Only she saw the blood.

Corrected entry: When Bev is in the school bathroom, bullies poor liquid garbage on her - she puts the backpack over her head and the backpack catches most of it. Later when she goes outside to talk to Ben, the backpack looks clean and new.

Correction: You corrected your own entry when you wrote "Later when she goes outside to talk to Ben..." Time has passed. She obviously cleaned it in the meantime. Nobody would just leave their backpack dirty and covered in stinky garbage.

Corrected entry: They are listening to Bust A Move by Young MC in the quarry scene, a full year before it was released in 1989.

Correction: Most of the movie takes place in summer of 1989. Verified by the fact that Batman and Lethal Weapon 2 (both 1989 releases) are playing at the theater.

Corrected entry: The main characters all go into the well house, when Eddie breaks his arm. Whenever you see the well house usually, it has the dirt road outside with an empty lot over the street with a rusted out car. When they run out of it after Eddie's arm breaks, his mother pulls up right outside and the street is a proper tarmac road with houses on the opposite side of it.

Correction: The mother doesn't pull up outside. They took Eddie back home and she's taking him to the hospital. Hence the street being different and houses appearing where there were none. There's a pretty clear scene transition between them leaving the house and the mother appearing, though you might have missed it.



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Richie Tozier: Go blow your dad, you mullet wearing asshole.



During the opening scene, a silver TV from the late 90's/early 00's is in the living room/dining room area.



Cary Fukunaga, whom is perhaps best known as a director on the series "True Detective" and for his works on films like "Jane Eyre", was originally contracted to write and direct the film. He eventually left the project after creative clashes with the studio, as he wanted to make a more unconventional film and executives feared his vision would not sit well with mainstream audiences. Fukunaga is still credited in the final film as a co-writer, however as many scenes from his version of the script were preserved in the final film.