Species II

Corrected entry: In the scene where the female alien jumps through the glass wall of her cell, if you play it in slow motion you will see that the glass is already shattered a split second before she jumps through it. (As per MM's rules, if a mistake is significant the requirement of slow motion/pause to spot is permitted.)

Correction: While you have correctly identified MM's ruling on slow-motion mistakes this particular mistake is a minor one since many special effects and stunt setups become apparent in slow motion and mere split seconds are entirely acceptable within the the realms of film making.


Corrected entry: All the children that are born... where do they get their clothes so fast? They all must shop in the exact same place as well!

Correction: Their father gets them clothes. And they all look like pieces of bedsheets.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Natasha's character has been supposedly "killed", her carotid artery pulse is clearly visible on the side of her neck.

Correction: She isn't dead, and is only killed early in Species 3.

Corrected entry: In an early scene, it is claimed that Sil has a poison capsule in her that will release and kill her if she gets a certain distance away from the lab. Later she leaves the lab completely, but nothing is ever mentioned about the capsule and it does not release. Before she leaves she destroys some equipment, but it is apparently only the lockdown mechanism.

Correction: When Sil is making her escape from the lab Laura shouts to a female guard to get the tether. The tether is the toxic capsule in Sils head. Sil manages to knock out the guard and in the nick of time she rips out the red button to prevent it's activation. The red button is not for locking down the building. Locking down the facility would be useless because while men are posted at the front door to the buiding Sil manages to break through the solid metal door.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Natasha crashes through the glass wall of her cell, she is wearing underwear which is quite visible. Immediately after the chase scene, she finds the other alien, drops her dress, and is no longer wearing underwear.

Correction: Since you never see Eve go into the barn it is a possibility that she removed her underwear after she reached it.

Corrected entry: If the female alien (Natasha Henstridge) is supposed to be secluded from men then why does she have a television that show shows with men? In the chase scene the female scientist says that her favourite show is "Dukes of Hazzard"... MEN.

Correction: Eve can't have men in close proximity. Male pheremones are what trigger her mating instincts (which is what makes her so dangerous). Watching men on tv won't do anything.

Grumpy Scot

Plot hole: The rape scene in the parking lot... there is no one around for THAT long? But wait, once the detectives come in the scene two people are walking in the background with a shopping cart - they must have seen something!

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Dr. Laura Baker: The alien DNA infected us, it's about time we infected them.

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Trivia: Co-star Michael Madsen, whom also appeared in the first film, has stated his distaste with this sequel, especially in comparison to the original. He once referred to it in an interview as a "crock of s***."

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Question: After an examination, Patrick, Anne and Dennis are told that as part of the quarantine, they can't have sex for ten days. Why? Excluding the fact that Patrick and Anne had been infected, what would happen to all three if they had sex before the quarantine was up?

Answer: Nothing would happen to them. The restriction on sexual activity was to keep them from spreading any potential contaminants through bodily fluids. It's nonsense because there are plenty of ways to spread bodily fluids that don't involve sexual contact and 10 days seems arbitrary, but it fits with the overall erotic themes of the film series to have the quarantine specify no sexual intercourse.


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