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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)

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Corrected entry: On the map Gregory has of the camp, the compass has the points labeled wrong. South and East are the wrong way round.


A Demon Premium member

Correction: The map was drawn by a kid, showing that even though Gregory acts smart, he's still a kid who doesn't know which ways South and East are.


Corrected entry: When the boys are first talking to Christoff, his cigarette moves with his mouth except for one sentence near the end when it just stays still hanging from slightly below his lip.


Sol Parker

Correction: Just watched this scene and his cigarette never moves.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When we first see Chef saying "Hello Children," we see two kids wearing their regular school clothes, then in the next shot, we see those same two kids in their Terrance and Phillip outfits.


Correction: It's different children.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Gregory is outlining the plan to rescue Terrance and Philip, he says that breaking into the USO show and getting them out will be dangerous so he's going to go himself. But later on when Christof, Kyle, Cartman and Stan are breaking into the USO show to get them out, Christof says that they need to switch off the power to the electric chairs while he tunnels under the stage to get T&P, and they need to also stall the show if necessary. There's no way Gregory could have done all those things by himself, even with the help of Christof.

Correction: When Gregory says that he will go himself, he had not spoken to Christof, therefore not knowing what was required. Therefore his plan would ultimately fail.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: At the start of the film, Stan shows all his friends and his mother the newspaper cutting of the Terrence & Phillip movie poster. Watch it carefully, the picture is different every time we see it.



Correction: The picture remains the same each time he shows his friends. The first time we see it, when he's asking his mom for money, the clipping is never held up close, so it's drawn a bit jumbled up so it isn't clear (just like how a real newspaper clipping would be hard to read from a distance).


Corrected entry: At the USO Show, Kyle asks Cartman a question. But for some strange reason, it's Stan's mouth that moves.



Correction: If you're referring to Kyle asking "Did you shut the alarm off", Kyle's mouth is the one that moves. Just before that, Stan says "What, Cartman?" (And it's his mouth moving).


Corrected entry: When the boys are singing "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" Cartman says "Sh*t," but doesn't get shocked by the V-chip. Even though he is not on screen, he can be heard.

A Demon Premium member

Correction: Cartman doesn't sing the line "Brian Boitano doesn't take shit", and you distinctly hear him join in only after, with "from anybody", just like he didn't sing the line with "ass" in it.


Corrected entry: In the "It's Easy M'kay" song, Kenny is spotted twice throughout the song, even though Kenny was in hell that that very moment. The easiest one to spot is when the kids are around the pottery area, Kenny is casually walking on the left-hand side.


Correction: After the 'It's Easy M'kay' song, they all go to the cinema and Cartman bets Kenny to set a fart on fire. That's when Kenny dies and goes to hell.

Corrected entry: When Brian Boitano is shown skating, the judges gives him a score based on a scale of 10. Figure skating uses a scale of 6.

Dr Wilson

Correction: He's also shown fighting Grizzly bears in the Alps with his fire breath. The 10s in figure skating are part of the joke.

Corrected entry: Officer Barbrady is dressed in his police uniform when the town gathers for the reprise of, "Quiet Mountain Town", but as the camera pulls away, he is again dressed as a soldier. When the final group shot is shown, he's in his police uniform again.

01:15:10 - 01:16:20


Correction: When the camera pulls away you can't see Barbrady. So we don't know what he is wearing.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Cartman is being put to bed by his mum, his yellow back pack is in between his chest of drawers and his bed. When his mum is leaving the room, it has moved to in front of the chest of drawers, beside the door.



Correction: The bag stays in the same place throughout the scene.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: In the first classroom sequence after everyone sees the Terrence & Phillip film, we see some of the class wearing brown t-shirts. A few seconds later they all turn white. After Clyde volunteers to answer the sum, the t-shirts return to their normal colours.


Correction: All the shirts stay the same colour throughout.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When the kids pay the homeless guy to get them into the Asses of Fire movie, the guy leans down to tell Stan "it might not be appropriate." Initially the homeless guy leans down in front of Stan to talk, but in the next shot he is behind Stan.


Correction: He is behind Stan in both shots. No mistake.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: After Cartman gets the V-chip implanted in his brain, he gets shocked whenever he swears. However, later in the movie, after Mr. Garrison gives Cartman Mr. Hat, Cartman throws Mr. Hat and says, "What the hell am I still holding this for?" Strangely enough, he doesn't get shocked.

Correction: Cartman does not get shocked because at this point in the movie the chip is malfunctioning. It is only a few moments later that he is able to use the chip as a weapon because of its backfiring; this is obviously part of the transition.

Corrected entry: When Saddam is packing his case to go to Earth with Satan, you can see a little Adolf Hitler doll sticking out of his suitcase.

Correction: As per the site rules, this is simply an observation and would be obvious to anyone who watches the film.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: The Paramount logo transforming into a mountain at the beginning is a refrence to the "Indiana Jones" movies.

Correction: I think you will need to give a bit more detail as to how it is a reference. It is not unusual for filmmakers to use the company logo and blend it into the starting shot. One that comes to mind is the film Event Horizon. In the film it simply changes to the South Park mountain.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: Why would Kyle ask, "What did he say?" in the theatre when T and P say ****? After all, we've heard them say the word several times before the film came out, just censored most of the time.

Correction: Just because he has said it before doesn't mean he can't be shocked. He probably thought he misheard T and P.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: The alphabet above the board in the class reads, "Az By Cx Dw Ev Fu ,etc"

Correction: Not really trivia - it's plain on screen for everyone to see.


Corrected entry: The song being played as Kenny descends into Hell (Hell Isn't Good,) was done by Matt Stone and Trey Parker's band, DVDA. DVDA also did the version of "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" that plays over the end credits.

Correction: As this is listed in the credits, it does not qualify as trivia.


Corrected entry: "Terrence and Phillip" is playing on the tv in the emergency room.

Correction: Not really trivia - it can be seen by anyone watching the movie.


Corrected entry: In the credits, it says that Saddam does his own voice, but in reality, Matt Stone does.

Sol Parker

Correction: No, they didn't say Saddam did his voice, they just say that Saddam played himself. Which is true; they use an actual picture of Saddam for the character.

Corrected entry: The boys swear so much in the episodes, yet they are shocked when they hear Terrance and Philip swear.

Correction: It's the joke in the film. Being that there was bleeps when they spoke we assume from the film they never really heard what was being said, so to actually hear it without the bleep is what makes such a surprise for the boys.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Eric returns to Kyle and Stan after he sees Kenny's ghost, his backpack has disappeared.

Dr Wilson

Correction: He set it on the ground when he went to turn off the power and left it there when Kenny frightened him away.

Corrected entry: When The Mole is dying, Kyle says that they boys dont know where they are. Yet, just after the fighting, we can see South Park in the background. Surely Kyle knows where he lives?

01:04:25 - 01:15:10


Correction: He means they are unfamiliar with the army base they've snuck into and can't find their way out of it without him.

Corrected entry: The original title for the movie was South Park: To Hell and Back (or something else with 'hell' in the title). Amazingly, the MPAA had issues with 'hell' being in the title (Did they miss all the 'HELLraiser' movies?.?) and told the creators to come up with a new title. Boy, did they ever. I guess the MPAA is ok with a penis reference (bigger longer uncut.) than a scandalous word like 'hell'.

Correction: The average viewer wouldn't assume that is a penis reference. The film is on a 'bigger' screen than the tv show, the running time is 'longer' and it was shown 'uncut' as the do not have to obey FCC regulations in a movie.

Corrected entry: Satan asks Saddam what it's like on Earth, but he has already been there, in previous episodes of South Park.


Correction: His question meant what is it like living on Earth. He only went before to have a boxing match with Jesus and couldn't have learned much about the world.

Corrected entry: The MPAA had said that it had regreted ever giving the film an "R" rating. If it had given it an "NC-17" rating, persons under 17 years old would be forbidden to watch it.


Correction: Technically, this isn't true. The MPAA/CARA's ratings have never carried any legal weight in the USA. Therefore, the MPAA has no legal right to forbid anyone from seeing any movie.


Corrected entry: When the boys are in the emergency room with Kenny, the doctors say they just called the parents. Then, according to the clock, many hours pass during the operation. After Kenny dies the parents finally arrive. How long does it take to get there?

Correction: Kenny's parents are poor, perhaps they had to walk.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: When Gregory and Wendy show up at Carl's Warehouse for Viva La Resistance, Stan pukes in the doorway. All throughout the scene, the puke isn' visible.

Correction: When Gregory and Wendy show up, they are the first ones there. After Stan pukes, it cuts again to the warehouse with many kids inside. This means that time has passed since Stan threw up and someone would have surely cleaned the vomit up already.

Corrected entry: When Stan gets thrown around from the blast of the bomb, he lands with his face in a puddle. When he lifts his head and sees the clitoris, the puddle dissappears, but it reappears after the clitoris tells him what to do.


Correction: Stan is imagining the scene with the clitoris, so it need not be in sync with what's 'really' happening to Stan at the time.

Moose Premium member

Corrected entry: At least twice during the movie, Terrance and Phillip is referred to as cartoons (When Cartman says "besides the animation's all crappy" and during the blame canada number, Mrs. Marsh says "he saw the darn cartoon..." And if it is, how could they appear on the Conan O'Brien show, be arrested, electrocuted, and shot by Mrs. Brofloski.

Correction: The Terrance and Phillip movie was an animated feature, but Terrance and Phillip themselves are people. The characters have turned up on several episodes of the South Park TV show.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the boys are looking at Cartman's mom on the German Sick Fetish Video, as Ike walks in, Stan's mouth moves for a split second, as if to tell Kyle that his brother has walked in, yet no words are said.

Correction: He's gaping in astonishment, not trying to talk.

Corrected entry: How can Kyle be smart enough to crack encryption systems on the internet, and not be able to remember a simple password for La Resistance?


Correction: When he asks Gregory for the password (La Resistance) and Gregory says 'Bacon' it's just to show how serious the boys are trying to be but when the time comes to execute thier plan they can't do it.

Corrected entry: When Kristoff dies, he sings the La Resistance song, but he was not at the warehouse when it was sung.

Sol Parker

Correction: In the warehouse scenes, it is actually Gregory who starts singing the 'La Resistance' song, and then mentions that the boys must go and see his friend, Christoff. If Gregory knew the song, and was good friends with Christoff, (who was another rebellious freedom fighter type just like Gregory), then there is every possibility that Christoff knew the song too, or that it was those two who made the song up.


Corrected entry: When Terrance and Phillip are on the Conan O'Brien show it is night outside the windows. When Conan jumps out it's daytime outside.


Correction: The show is filmed during the day and the background of the city in the back is just a background, like on the Jay Leno show.

Corrected entry: In the lunch room Mr. Mackey says that all Terrance & Phillip T-shirts are banned and everybody wearing one should be sent home. When everyone leaves you can see Kenny run home too, but he is still wearing his plain orange clothes.

Correction: Kenny wears an orange jacket, under which it's presumed he's a wearing a shirt, which could have him sent home. Either that or he just wants to get out of school.

Corrected entry: During the 'What Would Brian Boytano Do' song, they sing something like 'he wouldnt take s**t from anybody'. Cartman says this without getting a shock from the V-chip.

Correction: No - he's off-screen and only comes on to continue singing after that line.

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Mr. Garrison: OK, children. Let's start the day with a few new math problems. What is 5 X 2? Come on children, don't be shy. Just give it your best shot.
[Clyde puts his hand up.]
Mr. Garrison: Clyde?
Clyde: 12?
Mr. Garrison: OK. Now let's try to get an answer from someone who's not a complete retard.



When the switch is thrown to electrocute Terrence and Phillip, it's pulled downwards. A few shots later, we see Cartman jump in to save T and P by turning the switch off. He also pulls the switch downwards instead of pushing it upwards.



This cracks me up every time I see it. If you think Satan is really cut have a close look at his abs. They are in the shape of a big penis.