Boys (2014)

Plot summary

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Sieger is a fifteen-year-old boy, living with his widowed father, Theo, and his brother, Eddy, who, burdened with his mother's death, clashes with and acts out against his father. Along with his best friend (Stef), Sieger is a member of the local athletics team. They—and two other boys, Tom and Marc—are chosen to represent the team at the national championship relay race. In order to win, they must train intensively.

One day, they decide to go swimming in a nearby river. After Stef and Tom leave, Sieger and Marc share two kisses. Confused, Sieger insists that he isn't gay, to which Marc responds, "Of course you're not," before Sieger heads home. Despite the incident, the boys remain close friends. When Stef meets and begins dating a local girl named Kim, Sieger feels pressured to romance her best friend, Jessica, and suppress his feelings for Marc.

One weekend, the athletics team goes on a training trip. On the first night, Sieger sneaks out, and Marc follows him to the beach, where they spend the rest of the night kissing and resting in each other's arms. When they return home, Sieger, Jessica, Stef, and Kim attend a fair. Also at the fair, Marc sees them and wants to join up. However, afraid that the truth will come out, Sieger tries to ignore Marc. He manages to distract and appease Jessica by winning her a stuffed animal; and after, Jessica kisses Sieger, stirring in Marc feelings of confusion and pain.

Some days later, Sieger attempts to make up with Marc, and they agree to go swimming that evening. However, Theo and Eddy get into a fight after Theo learns Eddy was fired from his job a while ago and has been spending the time riding motorbikes with his friends. Theo locks up the motorbike. Instead of going to the river, Sieger tries to convince his brother to come home. Eddy won't heed his pleas but offers him a ride in a car he's driving. On the way, they almost hit Marc while he's riding his bike. Marc gets the chance to ask Sieger why did not turn up at their appointment, and Sieger, afraid to be caught speaking to Marc, does not answer him and walks off.

On the day of the relay race, Sieger offers Marc a simple "Sorry" which Marc, waiting for an explanation that does not come, tells Sieger to go back to his "charade." Despite this, the team wins. Sieger, Eddy, Theo, and Stef celebrate with dinner at Sieger's house, where Theo gives Eddy back his motorbike. Stef reveals that he knows about Sieger and Marc, telling Sieger "that they make a good team". At dinner, Theo notices Sieger acting rather introverted and asks if he is okay. Sieger answers "no," jumps on the motorbike, and drives away.

The final scene shows Sieger driving Eddy's motorbike with Marc on the back, embracing him. Perhaps to the beach, but as the words of the final song indicates Sieger is on a journey of self-acceptance. They are finally together and appear to be happy.

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