War Machine

War Machine (2017)


Gen. Glen McMahon: God damn it, Pete. Why are you fat?

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Sean Cullen: Men are imperfect creatures. Left to their own devices all they really wanna do is play with their dicks and eat chicken.

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Sean Cullen: Anyway, in the absence of any real soul searching, what do we do? Well, obviously, we sack Glen and we bring in some other guy. And that other guy... was Bob.

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Gen. Glen McMahon: General.
British Officer: We're all... very excited to see you here; it's an honor to meet you.
Gen. Glen McMahon: I'm excited to be here. Ain't that right, Greg?
Greg Pulver: Yes indeed, sir, you're very excited.

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President Karzai: Your predecessor, General Whelan! I liked him! I'm not entirely certain he liked me; he didn't visit very often. Why was he dismissed? It seems - uhh, one minute he was here - uh, next minute, not here.
Gen. Glen McMahon: Ah. Well, Mr. President, I think our government simply felt it was time our effort took a new direction.
President Karzai: And uh, what is this new direction?
Gen. Glen McMahon: Ah! It's most important to me that we build Afghanistan. Together, we build Afghanistan into a free and prosperous nation, free from fear and conflict.
President Karzai: I see.
Gen. Glen McMahon: Yeah.
President Karzai: I see. Sounds a lot like the old direction.

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