Kippur (2000)

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Directed by: Amos Gitai

Starring: Liron Levo, Tomer Russo, Uri Klauzner, Yoram Hattab

Genres: Drama, War

Factual error: When we see the battle zone from the hovering helicopter, among the shot (Centurion) tanks one can spot one or two Merkava Mk. 1 or Mk. 2 tanks. The Merkava Mk. 1 entered service in 1979, six years after the movie takes place. The Mk. 2 entered service in 1983. (01:34:00)

Factual error: Throughout the movie, Ruso is seen carrying a PRC-77 radio on his back. The battery cover of the radio is missing, and so is the battery. Clearly, the radio is not functioning.

Factual error: The Bell 212 used as a MEDEVAC helicopter in the movie wasn't in service until 1975, while the movie takes place in 1973. At the time, the Bell 205 was in use by the IAF.

Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, when we see the hero wandering the empty streets of south Tel-Aviv, the sharp front tip of a modern scooter can be seen behind the street corner. The movie takes place in 1973, when the only scooters were Piaggio Vespa, which have a distinct round front wheel cover.

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