Some Kind of Wonderful

Keith is a warm hearted teenager from the wrong side of town. His best friend is a tomboy named Watts who is secretly in love with him. Keith is smitten with Amanda Jones,The prettiest most popular girl in school who is also from the wrong side of town. Amanda dates Hardy Jenns, a popular rich guy. Keith asks Amanda out the night she dumps Hardy for cheating on her. Amanda agrees to go out with Keith, but is then told if she goes out with him she will no longer be popular or have friends. Hardy invites Keith and Amanda to a party at his house on the night they are supposed to have their date. Meanwhile Hardy is planning to beat Keith up at the party and make Amanda beg to be his girlfriend again.


Continuity mistake: When Hardy is giving Keith a hard time at the gas station by dropping the money on the ground, Keith picks it up, then all of a sudden the shot zooms in and Keith is holding the engine dip stick.

William Bergquist
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Watts: Don't go mistaking paradise for a pair of long legs.

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Trivia: John Hughes wrote the role of Amanda Jones for specifically Molly Ringwald to play. When she refused, Lea Thompson picked up the role but Hughes has now refused to work with Ringwald because she turned the film down.

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