Guyver: Dark Hero

Continuity mistake: During the fight scene at the river, at one point Sean/Guyver gets a large volume of blood spewed onto the shoulder and chest of his suit. About 30 or so seconds later, right after Sean almost accidentally kills Cori, all the blood is suddenly gone from his suit.

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Continuity mistake: After Zoanoid-Crane stabs Sean in the final battle, you see quite a bit of blood getting onto Sean's chest/abdomen. A few shots later, when Sean stands back up again, all the blood is gone.

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Continuity mistake: When Crane is melting at the end, watch his arm-blades... at one point they go from being perfectly normal, to floppy and "melty", then right back to normal between three cuts.

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When running towards the "bear attack", Sean activates the Guyver. Close ups of the armor attaching itself to his body show that's not really Sean as his arm and leg are both seen not moving even though he's running to where the attack is occurring.



The first live-action "Guyver" movie had notably tame (often cartoonish) violence and a greater focus on broad comedy in comparison to the darker and gorier Manga and Anime franchise that inspired it, causing some backlash from fans. For the sequel, returning director Steve Wang made an effort to deliver a film tonally closer to the original source materials, and thus added in harsher violence, added significantly more blood to the fight scenes and removed many of the more comedic elements from the first film.