Guyver: Dark Hero

Trivia: Brian Simpson, who has three roles in this movie; Benny, Voker Zoanoid and Crane Zoanoid, also appeared in the first movie as a member of Craig's gang who attacks Sean.

Trivia: Does the main character Shawn seem familiar but you can't place him? That's because he's actually played in this film by famed voice-actor and screenwriter David Hayter. He's notable for many voice-only roles, including playing the main character in the first four "Metal Gear Solid" games, and also worked as a screenwriter on some blockbuster films including the first two "X-Men" movies and the popular "Mummy" spin-off "The Scorpion King."

Trivia: The first live-action "Guyver" movie had notably tame (often cartoonish) violence and a greater focus on broad comedy in comparison to the darker and gorier Manga and Anime franchise that inspired it, causing some backlash from fans. For the sequel, returning director Steve Wang made an effort to deliver a film tonally closer to the original source materials, and thus added in harsher violence, added significantly more blood to the fight scenes and removed many of the more comedic elements from the first film.

Trivia: Whereas traditionally many action-film series start out with R ratings and then later transition to PG-13 to broaden the appeal of sequels, this is one of the rare cases where a PG-13 original ("The Guyver") spawned a hard-R sequel made to appeal to the fanbase.

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