Snow Day

Continuity mistake: When the they first show the Evil Snow-Plough Man, he's chasing kids and they run off to the left side of the road as proven when the kid's sled gets crushed. However, once he's past, they all pop up from a mound of snow on the right side of the road.

Continuity mistake: When the wife gets hit with the snowball thrown by her kid, she throws her phone. If you look in the background right after that you can see the phone in plain sight laying in the snow between her and the house. A fer scenes later however it has jumped to under the tree.

Continuity mistake: When the mom comes home late for dinner near the beginning of the film she sits down but then her phone rings and Chevy Chase is seen with his wallet already out in his hands. However, in the next shot of Chevy Chase, he takes his wallet out from his coat again.

Other mistake: When the children first hit the principal with a snowball, the steak he is cooking lands onto a lawnchair. A few seconds later, his dog picks it off from the ground, and not from the chair.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Chevy Chase is interviewing the kid at the ice sculpture festival, the position of Chevy Chase and the kid in relation to the ice sculpture change constantly and very noticeably throughout the whole scene until the ice sculpture falls.

Factual error: When Snow Plough Man drives his truck around clearing snow, he honks the horn of his truck by pushing the button on the steering wheel. The sound that is made is an air horn. In reality the button on the steering wheel of a truck honks an electric horn like a car. The air horn is actuated by a rope or cable hanging from the ceiling.

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Hal is at the ice-skating rink trying to get Lane to forgive him, he lands on the ice and Lane skates above him and Hal grabs her legs.When the shot is from above her legs are by Hals head and when it is a far shot her legs are by his chest.


Hal Branston: Come on, Lane! This snow day happened for a reason. It's given me a second chance with Claire.
Lane Leonard: Hal, what do you think she's gonna do? Hold you to your chest and lick your ear and call you funky?

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Trivia: Location filming in Calgary's Mount Royal neighbourhood was disrupted when two bank robbers crashed their getaway car into the set. They hit a fake police van and were soon surrounded by over a dozen men and women in uniform. They surrendered only to find out later that they had surrendered to extras. (The real police showed up soon afterwards.)

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