Correction: So Carl (played by River Phoenix) doesn't know his guns and calls all guns of that shape an Uzi. So do I - it's common thanks to movies and TV. It's like many people call all digital music players iPods. In the movie there is no reason to believe Carl is any more knowledgeable about submachine guns than a regular person, so it isn't really a movie mistake, just an understandable statement by a character who is not knowledgeable.

Corrected entry: All the characters on the sneakers team are supposed to be super intelligent, but they all supposedly missed the rather large article in the newspaper about the mathematician being killed until right at the exact moment when Redford's character has begun to make the drop.


Correction: The fact that the newspaper is in the car suggests that Crease (or Martin) has only just bought it, and not yet read it. If they had read the newspaper before driving to the hand-off, why would they bring it with them?

Corrected entry: At one point in the movie they go through a lot of effort to prevent a phone call to Mr. Abbot from being traced. The computer screen shows that the call was hung up before it could be traced, yet at the end Mr. Abbot manages to find them back at that same location. Also, Redford's character declares that location to be not safe anymore in the middle of the film, so it's puzzling as to why they would even return there after they recovered the box from Cosmo.


Correction: It's not the same location at all. They make the call to Abbott from Liz's apartment. Abbot confronts them at the Sneakers' loft. And they return to the loft because now they have the bargaining chip they need to make a deal with the NSA.

Corrected entry: When Robert Redford is in the drop ceiling trying to escape, his radio gets heard by the big guy with the shotgun down below. Big guy shoots, cocks the gun, shoots, cocks the gun, shoots, cocks the gun, then Ben Kingsley interrupts them, and does his little monologue. When Robert Redford removes the tile in the drop ceiling to give himself up, the big guy cocks his shotgun again, expelling a cartridge which sounds empty. (01:43:30 - 01:45:35)

Correction: The the pump action shotgun shown is working as designed. A pump action shotgun is built so that, in one motion, "pumping" the forestock extracts the spent [i.e. empty] cartridge from the chamber and ejects it and then readies another cartridge for loading [basically back to eject, forward to reload].

Corrected entry: Dr. Janek's chip has computer information on it that can break any other code. Therefore, the code is copyable. So why does anybody else only worry about that getting one chip, considering that the characters could easily make any number of copies and save it to disk?

Correction: Beacuse they would still need that one chip to make copies.


Corrected entry: There is a scene where Robert Redford is jumped by three guys. There are three guys at the beginning of the fight, then one kind of ducks off screen and Redford fights the other two guys and knocks them out. I kept waiting for the third guy to come and fight with Redford but he never does, he just kind of disappears.

Correction: What happens is Carl jumps through the ceiling and tackles the character played by Timothy Busfield, knocking him out. Then Carl stands up and waits for Redford to finishing fighting with Wallace. That's why it looks like there are three guys starting out and then one disappears.

Correction: We don't see him put the package on the piano that Liz's student is playing. In later shots, you can see the package on the piano.

Corrected entry: When Martin Bishop sneaks in to the PlayTronics building with Dr. Brandis' access card, the printer in the security office notes his entrance at the front door and at the office door. When Brandis brings Liz to the building accusing her of stealing his card, nothing is found amiss in his office and Cosmo is satisfied that no wrongdoing has occurred. Would the guards not have checked the computer entry records that were so intentionally shown to the audience? These would have shown that someone had indeed fraudulently entered Brandis' office.

Correction: The guards and Cosmo probably wanted to check for any blatant signs of entry first; then they'd look for details. True, the printout was fairly blatant, but I mean they might have tried searching for missing objects in Cosmo's office first, for instance.


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Continuity mistake: When Robert Redford tips the scrabble letters onto the glass table, he makes "SETE" and "CAST" next to it. To the right of "CAST", under his right hand, are the letters RNY, quite widely spaced. All other letters are tightly gathered above. When the angle changes to under the table, suddenly all the letters are spread fairly evenly around the table. (00:39:15)

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Carl: So it's a code breaker.
Martin Bishop: No. It's THE code breaker. No more secrets.

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Trivia: The jacket that Robert Redford wears for most of the film is the exact same jacket he wears in "The Natural" - he got to keep it after filming had finished, and wore it for this film as well.


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Question: What was in Cosmo's fish tank? They look almost like barracudas. If not, what are they?

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