Other mistake: Towards the end where they steal the chip, they are detected and about a million security guards are all running around, yet 30 seconds later, the ONLY security guard is ONE MAN with a shotgun. What happened to their big army of security guards?


Continuity mistake: When Whistler is driving the van, he hits the two cars and knocks out the driver's side headlight, yet right after this and through the rest of the film, the headlight works properly.


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Continuity mistake: When Robert Redford tips the scrabble letters onto the glass table, he makes "SETE" and "CAST" next to it. To the right of "CAST", under his right hand, are the letters RNY, quite widely spaced. All other letters are tightly gathered above. When the angle changes to under the table, suddenly all the letters are spread fairly evenly around the table.


Jon Sandys

Factual error: In the scene where Redford's character enters through the secured entrance with the stolen key-card, it shows a printer printing the time he entered. Then after his walking and getting up to the top floor and trying to get past the voice verification system and having to do it twice, they show the same printer printing the time he passed that checkpoint, and it was only one minute later than the previous time. Even though seconds are not shown, all of these actions must surely have taken longer than 1 minute and 59 seconds.

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Factual error: River Phoenix asks if he can get the phone number of female 'agent with the Uzi' but she is holding an H&K MP5K.

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Suggested correction: So Carl (played by River Phoenix) doesn't know his guns and calls all guns of that shape an Uzi. So do I - it's common thanks to movies and TV. It's like many people call all digital music players iPods. In the movie there is no reason to believe Carl is any more knowledgeable about submachine guns than a regular person, so it isn't really a movie mistake, just an understandable statement by a character who is not knowledgeable.



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