Small Soldiers

Continuity mistake: When Alan discovers his father's shop ravaged, he writes a "Closed" sign in orange writing and posts it on the window. When Christy comes to his shop, she waits for Alan to open the door. You can see the sign in black ink instead of orange lettering. This is also confirmed later on when the sign he takes off the window is different from the one he puts up. (00:30:00 - 00:32:40)

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Suggested correction: He wrote with a dark orange marker. The writing is orange the entire time. It appears black due to the lighting, but you can definitely see the orange hue still.

Visible crew/equipment: When Alan throws his father's broken radio into the box and he turns around to talk to the girl on the ladder, the reflection of a crew member wearing a white T-shirt can be seen in the monitor on the desk as the camera follows Alan. (00:30:40)

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Archer: Alan, friend of Archer, defender of all Gorgonites, Keeper of Encarta.
Alan: "Keeper of Encarta"? You were using my computer? If I find a virus in there you're headed for the microwave.

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Trivia: When Alan is digging through the garbage can looking for the Gorgonites, a toy Mogwai can be seen in it. A little tribute to Joe Dante's 1984 film Gremlins.


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