Small Soldiers

Continuity mistake: At the first meeting, Irwin puts down the two cardboard Gorgonites next to each other. During Larry's presentation they can be seen further apart and when Mr. Mars is describing his vision of smart toys they are further apart still. (00:04:00 - 00:06:15)


Continuity mistake: Near the end when Alan is looking for the Gorgonights you can see in one of the shots it is completely dark, but it's meant to be daytime.


Continuity mistake: Alan's shop has been robbed and his Dad comes in and sees the mess. A few mins after that when Alan is taking off on his bike with the toy in his bag, Link Static is up in the tree radioing to Chip Hazard telling him he has seen a Gorgonite. When they sling-shot the commander onto the bike further down the road, you can see that Link Static is there pulling back the elastic when he should be up in the tree. (00:36:10)

Continuity mistake: When Archer is using Alan's computer he finishes up with a picture of what he thinks is Gorgon. The cat then comes in. Alan wakes up and sees the cat licking Archer - in the background the computer is showing a picture of a power station's cooling tower, not Gorgon. (00:26:40)


Continuity mistake: When Allen goes to his room, just after his Dad has left, it is dark outside, but just minutes before when he came into the house it was still light. (00:21:00 - 00:21:45)

Continuity mistake: When Alan discovers his father's shop ravaged, he writes a "Closed" sign in orange writing and posts it on the window. When Christy comes to his shop, she waits for Alan to open the door. You can see the sign in black ink instead of orange lettering. This is also confirmed later on when the sign he takes off the window is different from the one he puts up. (00:30:00 - 00:32:40)

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Suggested correction: He wrote with a dark orange marker. The writing is orange the entire time. It appears black due to the lighting, but you can definitely see the orange hue still.

Continuity mistake: When Brick Bazooka has his legs torn off by Alan's bike gear, he hits the road with only the legs missing; you can see the hip piece attached to his torso. But as he hand-walks to respond to Hazard's call, the hip - which has the radio built in - lies some distance away from him.

Continuity mistake: When Alan and Joe are unloading the truck, Joe hands Alan the first box. As Joe is talking about his father trusting him, he turns and the camera angle changes to show him putting a box on top of another one. Since this is supposed to be the first box, it should be going on the ground. (00:12:20)


Continuity mistake: In the first shots of the toy shop there is an Oktoberfest notice in the window next to the front door. When we next see the shop that evening it is gone. There is a sign in the street implying that Oktoberfest hasn't happened yet so it is unlikely Alan would have taken the sign down. (00:15:45 - 00:23:35)


Continuity mistake: When Alan first slaps onto the front door of the shop the "CLOSED" sign he wrote, the yellow cardboard is high on the glass, above another smaller piece of paper on the corner; then when Christy stops by shortly afterward and knocks on the glass door, the sign is slightly lower, this time covering the top part of that same small piece of paper. This can be seen even more when Alan later removes the sign from the door. (00:30:00)

Continuity mistake: When Irwin is looking up the components of the toys a big red "Access Restricted" symbol appears when the details of the X1000 chip are displayed. The camera angle changes to show Irwin talking to Larry; in the background the same screen is showing on the computer but the "Access Restricted" symbol is gone. (00:42:30)


Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Joe the truck driver and all the others are milling about the driveway in front of a house, in the background is Joe's GloboTech truck with both rear doors open and there is nobody near the truck. The GloboTech helicopter lands in the street and then cuts back to view of Joe and the others still milling around the driveway. The rear doors on the GloboTech truck are now closed.

Continuity mistake: In the ending where Alan says goodbye to the Gorgonites, the weather changes from sunny to rainy.

Audio problem: When the Commando Elite rip out through the clear plastic 'window' of their packaging, the sound made is that of paper ripping - a different sound to what the plastic being punctured would make.

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Archer: Alan, friend of Archer, defender of all Gorgonites, Keeper of Encarta.
Alan: "Keeper of Encarta"? You were using my computer? If I find a virus in there you're headed for the microwave.

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Trivia: When Brick Bazooka loses his legs to Alan's bike gear, he emits a high-pitched, half-choked scream just before he hits the ground. This is the infamous "Wilhelm scream" and can be heard in several other movies as well: in Star Wars - A New Hope, when Luke shoots a stormtropper in the shaft-swinging scene; in Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers, when an Elf warrior is thrown off the Helm's Deep wall; and in Lord Of The Rings - Return of The King, when a Gondor soldier fleeing from Osgilliath is snatched up and dumped by a Nazgul steed. The earliest movie I have heard the scream in so far is the 1954 horror movie 'Them' (when Ben Peterson is killed by a giant ant near the end). Wilhelm screamWiki-Info

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