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Musicals have never been my movie forte, but La La Land is absolutely incredible, if not one of my favourite movies. Every aspect of film making is on point. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have great chemistry together, and give great performances themselves. Damien Chazelle directs the hell out of this movie. It is brimming with charm. The cinematography is colourful and vibrant. The musical sequences are all fantastic, and the choreography in the sequences is outstanding. How they filmed the opening scene on the highway is beyond me.

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: When Mia arrives at the cafe she works at the morning after her and Sebastian first dance together, she has a yellow bag, but when her and Sebastian walk out of the cafe later, she has a larger red bag.

Heather Benton Premium member
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Sebastian: I'm letting life hit me until it gets tired. Then I'll hit back. It's a classic rope-a-dope.

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Trivia: At the Oscar ceremony in 2017, the film was accidentally named Best Picture, instead of true winner Moonlight, when presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were accidentally handed the wrong envelope. Such a gaffe had never occurred in the Oscars' history before.

Cubs Fan
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