How to Marry a Millionaire

Trivia: When Waldo and Loco (Betty Grable) are at the lodge, Loco says the music playing on the radio is Harry James. Waldo asks how she knows that, and she says she just knows that it's him. This is a movie in-joke because at that time, Grable was married to Harry James, the famous bandleader, in real life.

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Other mistake: When Tom calls Schatze the first time and mentions seeing her ads in magazines, in the following shots while Schatze's on the phone and particularly while she's talking to Pola, we see the milk carton on the table which has tape all the way around it covering its brand name on both sides. (00:19:35)

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Schatze Page: The first rule is, gentlemen callers have got to wear a necktie.

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