Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe (2016)

8 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: He cuts a hole in her pants for insemination. When in the car moments before fighting the dog there is no hole.

Factual error: In the basement scene where the blind man is shooting at the home invaders with the M9 Beretta, the weapon should lock with the chamber open once the last round is fired. Instead the slide goes forwards, allowing the blind man to continue pulling the trigger.

Duane Zook

Factual error: When Money puts the bottle in front of the M9 as a homemade silencer, it completely silences the shot. In reality, the shot would not be reduced to the point of silence. Even store bought silencers (actually suppressors) only reduce the noise by approx 25-35Db (gun shots are about 120 Db) Also you would still hear the slide cycle for the next round as any silencer does not affect that.

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Factual error: When she lures the dog into the trunk of the Camaro, there are 2 factual errors. First, she flips down the rear seat to get into the trunk. Second generation Camaros did not have flip down rear seats. Then she pulls a handle under the dash to release the trunk lid. Camaros did not have this feature, either.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the film when the dog has jumped onto the car to attack Rocky, the red bag filled with money vanishes from the outside of the car, only to reappear shortly afterwards.


Continuity mistake: When the dog is trying to get to Rocky in the car, she first gets in the driver's door. Watch the window on the door. Its dirty before the dog even jumps up on it. When she gets in, the window is instantly clean. It becomes dirty again.


Plot hole: Of course the blind man can't see the intruders, but doesn't make any sense that the blind man wouldn't be able to smell them.

Continuity mistake: When the blind man drops the turkey baster, it's a lot fuller than when he started.

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Question: At the very beginning of the film, the burglars take care to switch off the home alarm system before ransacking the house. Why, then, as they are leaving, do they turn the system back on and shatter a window to trigger the home alarm? Makes no sense.

Charles Austin Miller

Chosen answer: As we see in the film, the houses they burgle have all purchased security systems from Alex's father. This makes it easy for them to gain access to the houses without triggering the alarm. However, if they committed a string of burglaries in which no alarms were triggered, people would eventually put together that customers of the same home security company were being burglarized and would point to them all being inside jobs. By tripping the alarm once they finish, they make it look like a standard break-in.

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