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Star Trek Beyond is an energetic and sometimes funny action-sequel that delivers on several levels while saying goodbye to the original Mr. Spock as well as potentially the last appearance of Chekov (Both characters actors having passed away). In this feature film, the Enterprise is drawn to a remote and hostile world while responding to a distress call and is viciously attacked by a relentless swarm of ships. Many of the crew are killed or taken prisoner under the direction of a villain capable of draining life from his victims, Krall. Captain Kirk and what remains of his crew are left to face this enemy and his minions while attempting to rescue those captured and stop an even greater threat Krall poses. Can they and their newfound ally, Jaylah, stop the destructive Krall? Star Trek Fans may have fun with this film, as will some fans of the action, but a paint-by-the-numbers script might be a bit too familiar for some. Give it a look.

Erik M.

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Kirk: My dad joined Starfleet because he believed in it. I joined on a dare.
McCoy: You joined to see if you could live up to him.

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Trivia: As he is invading Yorktown, Krall sees his Starship and uses the exact same words as Kahn in 'Wrath of Kahn': "My old friend."

Matt Wills

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Question: McCoy joins Kirk for a drink, revealing a bottle he found in Chekov's locker. Firstly, what was he doing in Chekov's locker? Secondly, what's with the two of them clinking glasses with a third drink? The locker and the clinking might suggest Chekov was dead, as they might have to fill in if Anton Yelchin had died before filming was complete, but that's not what happened. Chekov is very much alive in the next scene.

Matt Wills

Chosen answer: Why Bones might have been going through Chekov's locker is addressed in another answer. The third glass is not for Chekov - who, as you point out, is alive - it's in memory of Jim's dad, George Kirk, who (as Bones mentions in this scene and as shown in Star Trek 2009) died on the same day Jim was born. Because of this fact, Jim's birthday always reminds him of his dad's death, so they pour a glass, and raise a toast, in his honour every year.


The director reportedly said the 3rd glass was a late addition. Perhaps it can serve both purposes, the scripted intention as well as a subtle tribute. See #7 in

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