The Witch

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Factual error: The producers took a lot of pride in using period-accurate furniture and clothing. But the family's house and furniture aren't remotely accurate for their actual situation. The table, the chairs, the house with a sleeping loft - all those took technology and manpower that they didn't have, and we've already seen that they had nothing to trade either. And they have more furniture than could have fit in that wagon.

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Black Phillip: Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

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Trivia: It's shown that there is mold growing on the family's corn. If you look close, the mold is a specific type called ergot. Ergot poisoning can cause severe symptoms including hallucinations, irrational behavior and death. Director Robert Eggers has said this was a purposeful choice, as he left clues for different possible interpretations of the film. If audiences want to believe the supernatural elements, they can. Alternately, they could chalk it up to ergot poisoning driving the family insane.


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