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The Witch is a spooky and strange tale of a family of settlers who are cast out and living alone in the wilderness when unusual and disturbing things happen to them, including a black goat supposedly talking to the youngest children. Anya Taylor-Joy stars as Thomasin, a girl who is believed to be bewitched. By the end, you may agree.

Erik M.

Factual error: The producers took a lot of pride in using period-accurate furniture and clothing. But the family's house and furniture aren't remotely accurate for their actual situation. The table, the chairs, the house with a sleeping loft - all those took technology and manpower that they didn't have, and we've already seen that they had nothing to trade either. And they have more furniture than could have fit in that wagon.

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William: Corruption, thou art my father.

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Trivia: Black Phillip, the goat, was supposed to appear in a several other scenes. But the goat was so poorly behaved on-set, his role in the film was drastically stripped down. The goat often either refused to do what the trainers told it, or in some ugly cases, he would randomly attack cast and crew members. Co-star Ralph Ineson even had to perform the bulk of the film under heavy painkillers after the goat slammed into his ribs and injured him.


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